Welcome to STEP Swallow Physiology Masterclass

An important part of evidence-based practice is clinical expertise. Yet, many clinicians do not have the tools to gather, interpret, and apply their clinical data to understand trends in patient outcomes and justify clinical decisions. The Swallow Physiology Masterclass with Ianessa Humbert, Ph.D. aims to remedy this! 

Masterclass Tier 1: Normal Swallow Physiology introduces learners to clinical data collection, focusing on data that can be derived from clinical swallow evaluations and modified barium swallow studies. Tier 1 includes 2.5 hours of recorded lectures, focused on normal swallow physiology, which helps clinicians better understand swallow timing measures with the Videofluoroscopic Interpretation of Physiology (VIP) training program. 

Masterclass Tier 1: Normal Swallow Practice Portal includes hands-on practice (approximately 16 hours of training) conducting swallowing timing measures on a series of normal swallow MBS studies and a 30-minute consultation with Dr. Humbert. Completion of Normal Swallow Physiology is a pre-requisite for the Normal Swallow Practice Portal course. 

Masterclass Tier 2 will focus on Abnormal Swallowing (Coming Soon: Late Spring of 2021). 

Watch this video to learn more:

Masterclass (Tier 2): Abnormal Swallowing