Discovery Bundle is a learning sampler of some of our most popular offerings. This course will introduce learners to the world of STEP Community and to evidence-based concepts in dysphagia assessment and treatment. Learners will discover core components of the clinical swallow evaluation and MBSS interpretation, quantitative versus qualitative data sources in swallow evaluations, selection of targeted behavioral therapies, swallowing muscle and nerve basics, and lots more.

Additionally, new to STEP is the Patient Education Series - a collection of videos that explain basic dysphagia concepts in patient and caregiver-friendly language. Hope these will be put to good use for education and advocacy! Discover what STEP has to offer and start learning today!

Discovery Bundle Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to STEP

    • STEP Discovery Bundle

  • 2

    Patient Education Series

    • Education Series Overview

    • Normal Swallowing

    • Swallowing in Older Adults

    • Clinical Swallowing Evaluation (CSE)

    • Modified Barium Swallow Studies (MBSS)

    • Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing (FEES)

    • Aspiration

    • Residue

    • Dysphagia Therapy

  • 3

    Swallowing Neuro Anatomy and Physiology Shorts

    • SNAPS Overview

    • Nerves Basics

    • Normal Swallowing Events

  • 4

    STEP Foundations

    • Foundations Overview

    • Clinical Swallow Evaluation

    • Concepts in Dysphagia Therapy

    • Penetration-Aspiration Scale Tutorial

  • 5

    Swallow Physiology Masterclass Tier 1

    • Masterclass Overview

    • Introduction

    • Why We Collect Data

    • The Data We Have vs. the Data We Don't

  • 6

    Dysphagia Grand Rounds

    • Dysphagia Grand Rounds Overview

    • Omission of Dysphagia Therapies in Hospital Discharge Communications

  • 7

    STEP Swallowing Symposium

    • 2020 Swallowing Symposium Series

    • ExASPIRATING: How Much Does Aspiration Even Matter?

  • 8

    Down the Hatch Podcast

    • Down the Hatch Overview

    • GIVE HOPE! Reflections on Living with a Swallowing Disorder

    • Into the Mouth of Babes: A Pediatric Dysphagia Primer

    • Piecing Together the Clinical Swallowing Evaluation

    • Down the Hatch MBSS interpretation

  • 9

    STEP Snippets: Mini-Tutorials

    • Snippets Overview

    • Normal People Aspirate

    • Premature Spillage vs. Swallow Delay

    • All about Epiglottic Inversion

    • Why Did She Aspirate? - Part 1

    • Why Did She Aspirate? - Part 2

    • Dysphagia Awareness Video

  • 10

    Supplemental Reading

    • Articles and Publications

    • Build a Case For Instrumental Swallowing Assessments

    • Survey of Clinician Decision Making When Identifying Swallowing Impairments and Determining Treatment

    • Presbyphagia Versus Dysphagia: Identifying Age-Related Changes in Swallow Function

    • Getting in Sync

    • E-Stim for Dysphagia: Yes or No?

  • 11

    Let's Get Social

    • Connect with STEP Community

  • 12

    Before You Go

    • Start learning on STEP

STEP Discovery Bundle

Discovery Bundle is a learning sampler of some of our most popular courses featuring

  • The Swallow Patient Education Series 
  • STEP Foundations
  • Swallowing Neuro Anatomy and Physiology Shorts (SNAPS)
  • Down the Hatch (DtH) swallowing podcast episodes
  • 2020 STEP Swallowing Symposium webinars 
  • STEP Snippets (mini-tutorials) 
  • Dysphagia Grand Rounds (DGR) and 
  • Swallow Physiology Masterclass: Tier 1

This mini-course will take participants through evidence-based concepts in the continuum of dysphagia assessment and treatment. Learners will discover core components of the clinical swallow evaluation, MBSS interpretation, understanding quantitative versus qualitative data sources in swallow evaluations, selection of targeted behavioral therapies, normal swallowing events, patient advocacy and lots more. Please note - this is intended to be a learning sampler. It consists of a small selection of courses to introduce learnners to the variety and range of coursework that STEP has to offer. The only module available in its entirety is the Swallow Patient Education Series - a collection of videos to explain basic dysphagia concepts in patient and caregiver-friendly language. We hope these will be put to good use for education and advocacy. 

Target Audience: Speech-Language Pathologists

Prerequisites: None

Educational Level: Introductory

Pricing: $25 one-time purchase 

Course Objectives:

At the conclusion of this course, learners will be able to

1. Explain core concepts of dysphagia evaluation and treatment in patient and caregiver-friendly terminology.

2. Differentiate between direct and indirect evaluation of structures, movement, and sensory perception during a clinical swallow evaluation.

3. Describe how targeted behavioral therapies in dysphagia treatment can be utilized to facilitate or rehabilitate a swallowing impairment.

4. Compare and contrast different types of swallowing muscles and innervations.

5. Differentiate between quantitative and qualitative data sources in dysphagia assessments. 

Completion Requirements

This course is available in a remote learning format and is accessible online by watching pre-recorded videos on Participants must enroll in the course and view all the content in order to earn a Certificate of Completion. ASHA CEUs were offered for this course only until December 31, 2022. 

Registration Information:

Learners can enroll in the course by clicking the Discovery Bundle tab on our website. Complaints, questions and/or feedback for improvement can be emailed to


Ianessa Humbert, Ph.D. is an accomplished scientist, professor, and highly sought-after speaker with expertise in swallowing and swallowing disorders. Dr. Humbert’s innovative training style has been funded by ASHFoundation and extends to non-traditional learning formats. She is the co-creator of the popular Down the Hatch podcast, has co-founded online learning tools including STEP (Swallowing Training and Education Portal) and has developed high-quality, no-cost learning tools available on her YouTube Channel. Dr. Humbert has demonstrated her gift for creating images that depict the dynamism of swallowing via her Swallowing Pocket Guide and Swallowing Neuro Anatomy and Physiology Shorts or SNAPS (on STEP). Dr. Humbert has been on faculty at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, the University of Florida, and the University of Iowa. The content from Dr. Humbert’s courses are supported by scientific evidence from her laboratory and from the larger body of research literature.

Rinki Varindani Desai, M.S., CCC-SLP is an ASHA-certified medical speech-language pathologist, certified brain injury specialist and certified dementia practitioner; specializing in the assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders in adults since over a decade. In addition to being the co-founder of STEP, Rinki is also the founder of the Medical SLP Forum and co-creator of the Dysphagia Therapy mobile app. She is Associate Coordinator of ASHA’s SIG 13 and Co-Chair of the Dysphagia Research Society's COVID-19 Task Force. She has been an invited member of ASHA’s Alternative Payment Models Committee, DRS 2021 and ASHA 2021 Program Planning Committees, MSHA Membership and Healthcare Committees, and is on ASHA's Scientific and Professional Education Board. Rinki was one among thirty clinicians in the US selected for ASHA’s Leadership Development Program and Faculty Development Institute and has won nine ASHA ACE awards for her commitment to continuing education in speech-language pathology. She has published articles and presented on topics related to adult dysphagia management at conferences around the world. Rinki is currently a clinical instructor and the adult outpatient lead in the University of Mississippi Medical Center's Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery.

Instructor Disclosures: 


  • Ianessa Humbert is the sole owner of Swallowology LLC and Elemint LLC. She is the co-founder of STEP who recieves payments.
  • Rinki Varindani Desai is co-founder of STEP and receives payments.


  • Ianessa Humbert - Co-creator of the Down the Hatch podcast
  • Rinki Varindani Desai – Associate Coordinator of ASHA SIG 13 and Member of ASHA Scientific and Professional Education Board