Course Description

The Dysphagia Treatment learning module provides a thorough understanding and detailed overview of the different approaches to dysphagia rehabilitation and management in adults. It divides courses into Traditional Dysphagia Therapy, Strength Training (including discussions on lingual strengthening and expiratory muscle strength training) as well as the use of Electrical-Stimulation in dysphagia management. Special attention is given to critical thinking in dysphagia management and applying research to clinical practice.

Dysphagia Treatment Curriculum

  • 1


    • Dysphagia Treatment Learning Module

  • 2

    SNAPS: Swallowing Neuro Anatomy and Physiology Shorts

    • Muscle Basics

  • 3


    • Concepts in Dysphagia Therapy

    • All About Chin Tuck

  • 4

    CTDM: Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management

    • Elucidating Inconsistencies in Dysphagia Management

    • Principles of Motor Learning in Dysphagia Management

    • Skill versus Strength: The Great Debate

    • Electrical Stimulation (E-Stim) Workshop

  • 5

    Normal Swallow 101: Clinical Workshop Courses

    • Plotting the Course of Change in Therapy and How to Avoid Treating Functional Behavior

  • 6

    DGR: Dysphagia Grand Rounds

    • DGR 3 Article: Ludlow, Humbert, Poletto, Sonies, & Crujido (2007)

    • DGR 3 Video: Effects of Surface Electrical Stimulation Both at Rest and During Swallowing in Chronic Pharyngeal Dysphagia

    • DGR 4 Article: Troche et al. (2010)

    • DGR 4 Video: Aspiration and Swallowing in Parkinson's Disease and Rehabilitation with EMST

    • DGR 5 Article: Steele et al. (2016)

    • DGR 5 Video: Randomized Trial Comparing Two Tongue-Pressure Resistance Training Protocols for Post-Stroke Dysphagia

    • DGR 6 Article: Karagiannis, Chivers, & Karagiannis (2011)

    • DGR 6 Video: Effects of Oral Intake of Water in Patients with Oropharyngeal Dysphagia

  • 7

    Research to Practice

    • Evidence-based Practice versus Theory-based Practice

    • Kinematic Visual Biofeedback to Train Novel Swallowing Behaviors in Post-Stroke Patients with Dysphagia

    • Prevention is the Best Protection: Airway Defense in Swallowing

    • Role of Financial Reward on Learning a Novel Swallowing Maneuver

  • 8

    DtH: Down the Hatch Podcast

    • Expiratory Muscle Strength Training in Dysphagia Management

    • What's the Deal with E-stim?

  • 9

    DC: Dysphagia Cafe Blog Posts

    • Challenge the Swallow - Testing the Limits of Dysphagia Management

    • Expiratory Muscle Strength Training to Improve Feglutition and Cough Functions

    • McNeill Dysphagia Therapy Program

    • Vitalstim: Analysis of NMES and Dysphagia Literature

  • 10

    STEP Snippets: Mini-Tutorials

    • All About Epiglottic Inversion

    • Epiglottic Inversion Strategies

    • Chin Up: VFSS

    • Tongue Base Retraction: VFSS

  • 11

    Learning Assessments

    • Learning Assessment: Traditional Therapy

    • Learning Assessment: Strength Training

    • Learning Assessment: Electrical Stimulation

Course Reviews

5 star rating

Very thought provoking and informative!!

Sherri Coker

5 star rating

Muscle Basics

Jaclyn Mutz

I thought the presenter did a nice job explaining the muscles in a simple and easy to remember format.

I thought the presenter did a nice job explaining the muscles in a simple and easy to remember format.

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5 star rating


Amer Alhayek



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5 star rating


mallory buckingham

excellent animation, clearly explained

excellent animation, clearly explained

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