Normal Swallowing

This module includes courses related to normal swallow anatomy, physiology and function | Taught by: STEP COMMUNITY EXPERTS
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The Normal Swallowing learning module will provide clinicians with a thorough understanding of normal swallowing anatomy, physiology and function across the lifespan. It will identify and discuss barriers to clinicians' current understanding of normal swallowing physiology and factors leading to misdiagnoses, over referrals and inappropriate treatment targets. This course will also review normal swallowing VFSS and FEES videos and discuss research related to the differences seen in normal swallow function across different adults. 

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STEP is a collaborative of the leading dysphagia resources on the web - Swallowing Neuro Anatomy and Physiology Shorts (SNAPS), Foundations, Critical Thinking in Dysphagia Management, Dysphagia Grand Rounds, Down the Hatch and Dysphagia Cafe; all created and curated by dysphagia expert Dr. Ianessa Humbert and speech-language pathologist Rinki Varindani Desai. STEP provides you with the swallowing education and resources you need to succeed. STEP courses strengthen your knowledge base and help improve clinical practices in swallowing and swallowing disorders; from basics to the most advanced.

Reviews (10)

by leah diaz

by Nicholas Cummins

by Gina Feiock09126740
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by leah diaz

by Nicholas Cummins

by Gina Feiock09126740

by Catherine Mugambi
I REALLY love your teaching style. Thank You for your detailed explanations

by Miranda Woodward


by Cristina Vargas
I learned so much and it has helped me to become a more confident clinician. I am so excited to continue learning!!!! :) Thank you so much!!!

Excellent review of all anatomy and physiology in a short amount of time

by Jessica Rubinstein
Great review of fundamental Anatomy and Phys I haven't thought about since grad school. I will confess that I joined this platform expecting it to be full of Dr. Humbert's engaging personality that you hear on Down the Hatch that make learning through the podcast so enjoyable. This was much more dry and to the point compared to her podcast discussions, but the information that she reviewed was still thorough, and I enjoyed the animations being broken down and labeled to aid in comprehension. ***Addendum: LOVED the section on Presbyphagia! I loved the use of the side by side fluoros where you also highlighted specific things of note (i.e., location of bolus at initiation of hyoid burst, location/presence of penetration, etc.). See these side by side for age, as well as both being healthy/WFL, is extremely helpful! I work in a SNF and don't often get to watch MBS regularly, so I would LOVE more side-bye-side/highlighted videos like this!

More than what I was looking for!

by Kla Wymbs
I am the type of student who learns best on my own, especially with videos that I can pause, go back, and replay many times over. I have finished this course and am surprised to say that I do not feel as anxious about the swallowing mechanism content as I previously did. The material is presented in an appealing manner. It is concise and yet manages to provide all of the high-yield information a student needs to begin thinking critically. Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put into this course. I am truly appreciative!

Normal Swallowing

by nilsa rubin perez
Clear. Consice. Informative. Excellent presentation and visuals. Thank you!

hyolarynx, tongue and palate

by LisaRose McCabe
This is the type of review I have been craving for years! Slow but effective pace, visual representation and review at the conclusion of each section permits higher retention of the information for me. I am planning on reviewing each one a few more times to solidify the information for use in my clinical practice and documentation. Thank you, thank you thank you!!!